Safety Standards


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Due to the complexity of the S-Standard details, the S-Standard plans were not prepared to accommodate for ADA accessibility. For assistance with ADA accessibility accommodations of the S-Standard plans, please contact the Colorado Department of Transportation Traffic Safety and Engineering Services at 303-757-9654.

Standard Plans

The latest published version of the M&S Standard Plans is dated July 31, 2019. S-Standards contain details common for safety, such as delineators, lighting, signs, sign supports, traffic signals and accessories, pavement markings, and traffic control. Electronic files for the 2019 S-Standard Plans are available in English units only. Please visit the M-Standards page for details relating to guardrail, box culverts, roadway, super-elevation, and pavement.

Standard Number

Standard Name (number of sheets) and revisions.


Complete S-Standard Set (154 sheets)
Disclaimer: The complete S-Standard set contains all plan set details as issued on July 31, 2019 and does not contain revisions to individual plan sets. Individual plan sets with revisions are available for download below.


Typical Delineator Installation (8 sheets)


Roadway Lighting (6 sheets)


Alternative Roadway Lighting (4 sheets)


Pull Box Detail (2 Sheets)


Traffic Signal One-Line Diagrams (6 sheets)


Typical Ground Sign Placement (2 sheets)


Class I Ground Sign Installation (1 sheet)


Class II Ground Sign Installation (1 sheet)


Class III Ground Sign Installation (3 sheets)

S-614-5 Break-Away Sign Support Details for Ground Signs (2 sheets)
S-614-6 Concrete Footings and Sign Islands for Class III Signs (2 sheets)

Tubular Steel Sign Support Details (7 sheets)

S-614-9 This standard has been superseded with S-614-45 as of January 22, 2020. 
S-614-10 Marker Assembly Installations (1 sheet)
S-614-11 Milepost Sign Detail for High Snow Areas (1 sheet)
S-614-12 Structure Number Installation (2 sheets)
S-614-14 Flashing Beacon and Sign Installation (4 sheets)

Chain Station Signage (1 sheet)


Typical Pole Mount Sign Installations (1 sheet)


Concrete Barrier Sign Post Installation (2 sheets)

S-614-22 Typical Multi-Sign Installations (1 sheet)

J-Post Sign Support (3 sheets)


Typical Traffic Signal Installation Details (5 sheets)


Alternate Traffic Signal Installation Details (4 sheets)

S-614-41 Temporary Span Wire Signals (13 sheets)

Cabinet Foundation Detail (4 sheets)


Traffic Loop and Miscellaneous Signal Details (8 sheets)

S-614-44 Pedestal Pole Signals (2 sheets)

Pedestrian Push Button Post Assembly Details (6 sheets)

S-614-50 Static Sign Monotube Structures (12 sheets)
S-614-60 Dynamic Sign Monotube Structures (14 sheets)

Pavement Markings (11 sheets)


Traffic Controls for Highway Construction (26 sheets)

S-630-2 Barricades, Drums, Concrete Barriers (Temporary), and Vertical Panels (1 sheet)
S-630-3 Flashing Beacon (Portable) Details (1 sheet)
S-630-4 Steel Sign Support (Temporary) Installation Details (2 sheets)
S-630-5 Portable Rumble Strips (Temporary) (2 sheets)
S-630-6 Emergency Pull-Off Area (Temporary) (1 sheet)
S-630-7 Rolling Roadblocks for Traffic Control (3 sheets)


Traffic Special Provisions