Multimodal Planning & Local Agency Manual

CDOT's Multimodal Planning Branch administers some of the State's grants and funding programs. They are listed below. CDOT also has a Local Agency Manual to assist local agency personnel with the process of implementing the design, construction and/or management of State and Federally funded projects. You can find the Local Agency Manual here.

Revitalizing Main Streets (RMS)

The Revitalizing Main Streets Grant Program is intended to help communities across the state implement transportation-related projects that improve safety and yield long-term benefits to community main streets. When defining a main street, CDOT is aiming to support areas in or adjacent to community-focused, downtowns where people work, dine and shop. These routes help form a specific region’s identity and act as the major economic hub in many towns and cities across Colorado. Revitalizing Main Streets provides two separate grant opportunities to support local communities as they find innovative ways to reuse public spaces and help businesses reopen safely, while improving multimodal safety and accessibility along urban arterials. Visit the RMS webpage for the latest information.

Transportation Alternative Program (TAP)

TAP is a competitive grant program. Projects eligible for TAP funding include the design and construction of pedestrian and bicycle facilities, environmental mitigation of transportation activities, scenic activities, and the preservation of historic transportation facilities. Click here for full details on the TAP grant process and a copy of the application.

Multimodal Transportation and Mitigation Options Fund (MMOF)

The Multimodal Transportation and Mitigation Options Fund (MMOF), created in 2018 under Senate Bill 2018-001 and expanded in 2021 under Senate Bill 2021-260, provides funding for an array of capital, construction, operations, planning and Greenhouse Gas mitigation projects, including but not limited to bicycle, pedestrian, ride sharing, or transit projects. MMOF may also be combined with funding from other federal or state programs for projects that fall into eligible project categories. MMOF funds are split between a State MMOF Program and a Local MMOF Program.  The Local MMOF Program funds are distributed by formula among Colorado's 15 Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs), who then award funding projects on a competitive basis within their regions. Detailed information may be found on the Local MMOF Program webpage.

Volkswagen Settlement Trust - Transit Bus Replacement Program

In response to Volkswagen violating the federal Clean Air Act from 2009 to 2016 by selling non-conforming diesel engine vehicles, the company was forced to settle and fund a trust providing states with approximately $2 billion in National Zero Emission Vehicle Investment. A portion of Colorado's settlement funds is available to replace year 2009 or older conventional diesel transit vehicles with zero-emissions vehicles. Annual application cycles are held in conjunction with the Division of Transit & Rail's Consolidated Call for Capital Projects (CCCP). Click here to learn how to apply for VW Settlement funds.

Safe Routes to School

CDOT provides Safe Routes to School funds for both infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects. Click here to learn about about CDOT's Safe Routes to School program.

Office of Innovative Mobility (OIM) Grants

Building upon the success of the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Grants, the Office of Innovative Mobility (OIM) at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is launching the CDOT OIM Grants Platform to provide grants to private, public, non-profit and local agencies to fund innovative mobility and electrification solutions in the state of Colorado. The purpose of the expanded OIM grant is to help stakeholders with financial assistance to implement programs and projects to support the goals and objectives of the Office of Innovative Mobility’s core mission. This grant encompasses funding and opportunities from OIM’s Mobility Services, Electrification & Energy, and Mobility Technology Programs. Visit the OIM Grants Webpage to learn more about the available opportunities and the latest updates.

Federal Grant Opportunities

Competitive federal grant programs, like RAISE/BUILD, INFRA, and CRISI, provide substantial funding opportunities for major projects in all transportation sectors, including roads and bridges, rail, freight, public transit, airports, waterways, etc. Federal grants are open to a variety of eligible entities and grant awards are determined by the USDOT. The details of existing grant programs can change year-to-year, and new programs are frequently released through new legislation, like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law signed in November 2021. Sign up for the Open Federal Grants e-mailing list to stay informed on Federal Grant Opportunities.