TETP Insights Videos

TETP Insights is a video training program where experienced transportation engineers share their knowledge with other engineering professionals to help them meet the demands of the industry. TETP Insights are technical training videos consisting of pre-recorded presentations, demonstrations, and Google Meet Sessions made available to the public on-demand via the TETP Insights Playlist on CDOT's Colleague YouTube Channel.

TETP Insight videos can be created by anyone with something useful to share, including:

  • CDOT Subject Matter Experts
  • Regional Staff
  • External Vendors

Just about any topic is suitable for an Insight video. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • New Procedures
  • Industry Trends
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Productivity Tips and Tricks
  • Sharing Best Practices
  • Software Demonstrations

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Featured Insight Video Series

2023 CDOT Roadway Design Guide by Jerome Estes

The 2023 CDOT Roadway Design Guide is a major revision to the existing 2018 Roadway Design Guide. It introduces new concepts to defining and implementing all modes of transportation, with guidance on how planners, engineers, and designers can exercise greater latitude when scoping and delivering projects throughout Colorado. To support the rollout and adoption of the new Roadway Design Guide, CDOT Design Area Engineer, Jerome Estes, has created a series of videos to provide Colorado practitioners with the latest guidance on multimodal design, context sensitive solutions, and performance-based practical design.

You can view the Introduction video to the series in the window below. Video summaries for all chapters of the 2023 CODT Roadway Design Guide series can be viewed on the TETP Insights Playlist on CDOT's Colleague YouTube Channel.

Jerome Estes, PE
Design Area Engineer
Division of Project Support

Other TETP Insights Topics

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