Training Offered by CDOT Partners

The following are some updated tools:

Slide-in Bridge Construction

  • Do-it-Yourself Training
    Slide-in Bridge Construction for designers, contractors, and owners – Presentations, handbooks, guides and notes.
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  • Recorded Webinars for 3D Modeling
    Schedule, Cost, and Post Construction
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  • Massachusetts and Florida DOT e-Construction Peer Exchange
    Download the report.
  • Construction Engineering and Inspection Guidebook
    Transportation Construction Management Pooled Fund Group
    Download the guide.
  • Alternate Contracting Methods
    Visit the website.
  • Industry-partnered construction web-based training
    • Asphalt String-Less Paving
    • Intelligent Compaction
    • Micro Surfacing, Slurry Seal, and Chip Seal
    • Concrete Pavement, Smooth, Aggregate, Safety and Stringless Paving
    • Bridge Preservation, Safety, Coating/Painting and Sealing/Waterproofing

Other Resources