I-70 Floyd Hill Monthly Update - August 2022

Project Update

August 2022 Update:

The Floyd Hill Project team has completed review of major refinements to the I-70 Alignment identified in the Preferred Alternative from the 2021 Environmental Assessment (EA). These refinements have been discussed and developed with project stakeholders through the Context Sensitive Solutions Process. The alignment refinements were developed with support from the contractor team to improve constructability and lessen impacts. The team is now focused on comparing the EA Preferred Alternative and the new Refined Preferred Alternative to review changes in impacts and determine if mitigation
commitments included in the EA are appropriate and/or if additional mitigation measures may be needed. Information about the refinements process and outcomes has been presented in several public forums, as noted in the links below. Additional questions can be directed to the Project email or telephone hotline (303-512-4408). The final NEPA decision document is expected in late 2022 and will contain a full reevaluation of the Refined Preferred Alternative and outline Project next steps.

Early Project Update:

The Floyd Hill Genesee Wildlife Crossing and Floyd Hill Roundabouts Projects are currently advertised for bids. The bids are due in mid-September. Construction of both projects is expected to begin after mid-October. The Floyd Hill Empire Wildlife Crossing Project is expected to be advertised for construction in February 2023.

Funding Update:

In the Request for Proposals advertised for the Floyd Hill Construction Manager and Design Firm, it was stated that CDOT anticipated the final funding source determination to be finalized by September 1, 2022. As of August 30, 2022 the project has not identified the final funding source to cover the remaining $240 million gap. The project has a pending Federal Grant (MPDG) that was submitted in the spring of 2022 and is awaiting announcement if funding is awarded to the project . Once CDOT determines if grant money is awarded to the project, a decision will be made about the project budget and funding sources. This will likely be determined by December 1, 2022.

Project Presentations: