I-70 Floyd Hill Monthly Update - July 2022

Project Update

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for Floyd Hill was signed in July 2021. As part of the Construction Manager/General Contractor process, different refinements to the EA Preferred Alternative were developed by the selected design and construction manager firms hired for the project. Using the Context Sensitive Solutions Process (CSS), the project team is currently analyzing the refinements and comparing to the preferred alternative to determine if they provide benefits to the project and community. Any refinements determined to provide benefit will be included in a refresh to the EA. A revised EA is expected in the fall of 2022 with a Decision Document in early winter 2022/2023.
Construction of the Floyd Hill Project is expected to take place in three major packages.

  • Package 1 East Section (County Road 65 to the bottom of Floyd Hill)
    • Expected construction start date: late spring or summer 2023
  • Package 2: West Section (Hidden Valley Interchange Exit 243 to Idaho Springs Exit 241)
    • Expected construction start date: fall 202
  • Package 3 Central Section (bottom of Floyd Hill to Hidden Valley Interchange Exit 243)
    • Expected construction start date: early 2024
  • Current budget: $700 million
    • The project has secured $460 million and has a funding gap of approximately $240 million. A
      Multimodal Project Discretionary Grant was submitted in May of 2022. Results are expected
      later this year.

Early Projects Update

Genesee Wildlife Crossing:

Project plans are progressing in final design. Advertisement for construction is expected in mid August 2022 with construction beginning in October 2022 and continuing for about 18 months.

US 40 Roundabouts at County Road 65 and Homestead:

Project plans are being completed with advertisement for construction expected in late
August 2022. Construction is expected to start in October 2022 and take about one year to

Empire Wildlife Crossing:

Project plans are under development and advertisement for construction is expected in spring
or summer of 2023. Construction is expected to last 18 months.