South Platte River Trail

South Platte River Trail Scenic Byway map

Length: 19 miles
Driving time: 30 Minutes

Although the shortest of Colorado's 26 byways, the South Platte River Trail is long on history. In the 19th century it lay on the main route westward, and was used by tens of thousands of pioneers lured by the promise of wealth, land and freedom.

Beginning at the Colorado Welcome Center, this 19-mile loop features interpretive signage at the original Julesburg townsite, the location of Colorado's only Pony Express home station, and Fort Sedgwick, established in 1864 to protect the trail and telegraph line. Additional markers commemorate the other three Julesburg townsites, the Transcontinental Railroad, and the Lincoln Highway—the first coast-to-coast automobile road in the United States.

South Platte River Trail Photo Tour