Colorado issues over 40,000 warnings to drivers weaving in and out of Express Lanes on I-25 and C-470 — in just 20 days

News Release

September 28, 2023 - Central/Eastern Colorado - Fines start on Sunday, Oct. 1

Colorado emite más de 40,000 advertencias a los conductores que entran y salen de los Carriles Exprés en la I-25 y la C-470, en solo 20 días en español.

DENVER — Weaving in and out of the Express Lanes is downright scary. As of Sept. 20, more than 40,000 drivers had received warnings for this dangerous behavior on the C-470 and I-25 north corridors during the month-long grace period that ends Saturday.

This is nearly six times the number of weaving warnings issued during the entire 30-day grace period earlier this summer on the I-70 mountain Express Lanes.

Starting Sunday, Oct. 1, the warning period on C-470 in the south metro area and I-25 north of Denver will end, and motorists who cross the double solid white lines will be issued civil penalties. Fines start at $75 and increase to $150 if not paid within 20 days of issuance. Crossing over the double solid lines has always been illegal, but now, with the help of state-of-the-art technology in the form of new software, cameras and roadway sensors, enforcing the rules of the road just got much easier.

“We realize that 40,000 warnings sounds like a large figure, and in sheer numbers, it is,” CDOT spokesman Tim Hoover said. “However, it represents only a small proportion of drivers on these corridors, with the vast majority of motorists following the law and driving safely. Unfortunately, a minority of drivers are creating dangerous conditions for everyone on the road with their weaving.”

Weaving in and out of Express Lanes increases risks of an accident because of significant speed differentials between traffic in the Express Lanes versus general purpose lanes. Entering or exiting Express Lanes is only allowed at access points with dashed lines.

“We have heard the public’s complaints about these reckless drivers for years, and now we have the technology to hold them accountable,” Hoover said. “We’ve given out warnings for 30 days to these folks, but starting Sunday, they’ll be getting civil penalties in the mail if they continue driving dangerously.”

Though some may suggest tourists are the problem, more than 90% of warnings issued went to vehicles with Colorado license plates. The most frequent vehicle types included the Ford F-150, Toyota 4Runner and Subaru Outback — common sights on every Colorado road. Express Lanes are owned and operated by the Colorado Transportation Investment Office, a division of CDOT, and despite the high number of warnings, the hope is that violations will decrease once civil penalties begin.

“Our long-term aim is to see this program dramatically reduce violations in the Express Lanes and help make travel safer for everyone,” Hoover said. “We hope this is the highest number of violations we’ll ever see.”

The two Express Lane corridors starting civil penalties this week are C-470 from I-25 to Wadsworth Boulevard and I-25 from US 36 to E-470. In both areas, too many drivers consistently cross over the double solid lines into the Express Lanes to pass vehicles in the regular, general purpose lanes and then cross the lines again to continue dangerously maneuvering around cars.

CDOT has used highway variable message signs, billboards, traffic radio, digital advertisements and a flood of social media posts to get the word out about the program. That’s to say nothing of extensive news coverage of the program and the fines that will be coming if drivers continue their dangerous behavior.

For those who receive a civil penalty, there will be several ways to pay the fine, including:

  • Paying online at with their license plate or notice number.
  • Paying with their notice number using the automated phone system at 1-(800)-450-5167.

Signage along the Express Lanes corridor indicates that violators could receive fines of up to $250. This is the total amount allowed by state statute, but per the direction of the board of directors for the Colorado Transportation Investment Office, the government-owned business within CDOT responsible for Express Lanes, fines will begin at $75.

The civil penalties will ultimately apply to all Express Lane corridors in Colorado and are already in effect on the I-70 Mountain Express Lanes from Idaho Springs to U.S. 40.

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