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  • Historic Photo collection - CDOT has an extensive collection of historic photographs related to highway construction and maintenance. These are not available for public research, but CDOT historians can fill research requests, as needed.
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  • Colorado Highways was a periodical produced by the Colorado Highway Department (the predecessor of CDOT) from 1918 to 1932. Promoted as "a magazine devoted to Good Roads," it contains a treasure trove of historic photos, information on early highway construction projects, and articles on new and innovative techniques for road building. From monthly updates on projects to questions about financing road construction, Colorado Highways shows that 100 years later, road building in Colorado has changed dramatically and hardly changed at all. CDOT's History Program has copies of most issues of the magazine, and they have been scanned as searchable PDFs. Take some time to browse through them, or search for information on specific highways, counties, or projects to learn more about the early years of highway construction in Colorado.
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