Superseded Construction Bulletins

Curb Ramp Variance Submission Guidance

2017-3. August 3, 2017. Per the updated PD 605.1, any curb ramp (or other Accessibility Feature) that cannot be installed without a deviation from the M & S Standard Plans must be documented using the Design Exemption Variance Request Form #464 and Curb Ramp Variance Support Document. This bulletin offers guidance on preparing and submitting the documents for approval by the Program Engineer.

Buy America Update

2016-3. April 7, 2016. A paragraph has been added to Section 106.11 Buy America Requirements of the Construction Manual due to new guidance from the FHWA. In summary there is now no exception for items previously considered not predominantly steel and iron and there are no exceptions for any miscellaneous steel and iron products.

Water Quality Control

2016-2. March 29, 2016. The memo provides a summary of major changes for the Revised Water Quality Control and Erosion Control Specifications, the Revised Environmental Pre-construction Agenda and Certification of Understanding, CDOT forms 1176 and 1177, the 2 SWMP sheets, and the Revised Stormwater Notebook Table of Contents and Notebook Tabs.

Finals Notebook and ProjectWise For Construction

2016-1. February 4, 2016. Project Engineers must submit a Final Notebook and a separate Final Materials Notebook to the Finals Administrator. Plus, ProjectWise is now an acceptable location for housing electronic documentation for final pay quantities. This bulletin describes and authorizes these changes.

Project Evaluation System (PES)

2014-9. December 31, 2014. The purpose of this Bulletin is to provide information and instruction regarding the new Project Evaluation System (PES) which will go live January 1, 2015.

Guidelines for Interpreting Non-standard Readings Using the MIT-Scan-2

2013-5. April 16, 2013. This construction bulletin clarifies examples of readings with the MIT-Scan-2 for the Standard Special Provision Revision of Sections of 105, 106, 412, and 601 Conformity to the Contract of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement and Dowel Bars for Transverse Weakened Plane Joints, dated April 26, 2012.

Asphalt Cement Cost Adjustment Index Change

2013-4. April 5, 2013. The source for the CDOT’s asphalt cement price index has changed. Cenovus Energy, discontinued posting on their website the daily crude oil prices. Beginning on April 1, 2013, the index will be based on the Flint Hills Resources daily crude oil prices posted on their website. The selection of the new crude oil prices source was made in conjunction with CDOT, Colorado Contractor’s Association and Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association.

Seed Provision Now Retroactive

2013-1. January 3, 2013. The Chief Engineer has directed that the CDOT standard special provision (SSP), Revision of Section 212 – Seed, dated April 26, 2012, be implemented retroactively. Active construction projects which include seeding, but which do not reference this SSP in the contract, must add the SSP with a no-cost contract modification order (CMO).

Approval of Project Termini Extensions

2012-4. December 11, 2012. Approval of Project Termini Extensions is now the responsibility of the Project Development Branch Manager and the Region Transportation Director.

Finals Process Updates from QAR and CB's

2012-3. July 12, 2012. In accordance with recommendations made by the Quality Steering Committee, changes have been made to subsection 109.9.2 and Sections 120 and 121 of the Construction Manual. At the same time, additional changes authorized by Construction Bulletins were made to the same sections in the Construction Manual.

Completion and Distribution of the Form 1212

2012-1. February 27, 2012. This bulletin provides additional clarification to subsection 109.9.2 of the CDOT Construction Manual for the completion and distribution of the Form 1212, Final Acceptance Report for Federal-Aid Projects, after completion of a construction project.

On the Job Training Special Provision

2011-10. September 23, 2011. This bulletin gives guidance on the application of the On the Job Training (OJT) requirements of this special provision.

FHWA Approval of Major CMOs

2011-9. June 08, 2011. This construction bulletin revises section 120.7 of the CDOT Construction Manual to update when it is necessary to obtain Federal Highway Administration approval on Contract Modification Orders (CMOs).