Cross the line, pay the fine: Civil penalties for breaking Express Lanes rules to take effect on C-470 and I-25 Corridors

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August 29, 2023 - Denver/Central Colorado - Advanced roadway technology will cite drivers weaving over solid white lines

Cruce la línea, pague la multa: Las sanciones civiles por infringir las reglas de los Carriles Exprés entrarán en vigor en los corredores viales de la C-470 e I-25 en Español

Denver — Colorado’s mission to crack down on unsafe drivers in Colorado Express Lanes is expanding to C-470 in the south metro area and I-25 north of Denver.

Beginning Sept. 1, drivers will get warnings for weaving across the solid white lines and violating the Express Lanes rules, actions that endanger themselves and other motorists. Warnings will be sent to the registered address of the vehicle for the first 30 days to give drivers a fair warning of the new enforcement. Starting Oct. 1, the warning period will end, and drivers who commit violations will receive fines known as civil penalties.

Violators will be identified using a sophisticated technology system that includes sensors, cameras and software. This system was rolled out earlier this summer in the I-70 Mountain Express Lane corridor where, in a 30-day grace period from June 21 to July 21, 7,132 drivers received mailed warnings, mostly for weaving across the solid lines. Actual enforcement began on July 21, and as Monday, there had been 6,455 fines sent by mail.

On the C-470 and I-25 Express Lane corridors, the same technology will be used to identify vehicles that are weaving in and out of the lanes.

"We have some groundbreaking technology at work here," said Tim Hoover, a CDOT spokesman. "It has already helped us identify and fine drivers who are endangering themselves and others on the I-70 Mountain corridor, and we truly believe that by expanding the enforcement to these two new corridors, Colorado’s roadways will become safer for everyone."

The two Express Lane corridors starting enforcement this week are C-470 from I-25 to Wadsworth Boulevard and I-25 from US 36 to E-470. In both areas, it is unfortunately all too common to see drivers cross over the solid lines into the Express Lanes when traffic slows or trying to get around another vehicle already in the Express Lane. Vehicles may only enter or exit Express Lanes at points clearly designated with signs and dashed lines.

Weaving over the solid lines greatly increases the risk of a crash due to significant speed differentials between traffic in the Express Lanes and the general purpose lanes. Motorists in all lanes don’t expect cars to suddenly cross in front of them across solid lines and are often forced to respond quickly to an unexpected vehicle traveling at a different speed in their lane.

“These violations threaten the lives of all roadway users,” Hoover said. “Drivers who have made a habit of breaking these rules will no longer be able to avoid the consequences of their unsafe actions.”

The new civil penalties will take effect Sept. 1 with a 30-day grace period. Drivers who commit a violation will receive a warning mailed to the registered address of the vehicle. However, if drivers received a warning during the grace period on the I-70 Mountain Corridor, they will not receive a second mailed warning for the I-25 and C-470 corridors. They will be issued a civil penalty for any weaving offenses starting Sept. 1. Warnings will cease and fines will begin for all drivers on Oct. 1. Fines start at $75 if paid within 20 days of issuance. After 20 days, the fine increases to $150.

Eventually, this safety enforcement equipment will be deployed on all Colorado Express Lanes, including the Central 70 Express Lanes and the I-25 South Gap Express Lanes, which have not yet opened for tolling.

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