Miscellaneous (M) Standard Plans & Project Special drawings

Welcome to the M Standard Plans. This 2019 CDOT M Standard Plans book that was issued on July 31, 2019. Please use this on October 1, 2019 and afterwards for project plans. 

2019 M&S Standard Plans Book is only online and can no longer be purchased.


M & S Standards Book & Addendums

These sheets are not numbered because they will be included in highway plan sets and will assume the set's numbering sequence. Be sure to access the latest version by clicking on the Revised Date to open the M Standard's cover letter.

2019 M & S Standards Plan List Sheet

  • This sheet is inserted into the Highway Plans set. It is used to show which New or Revised M&S Standards will be used by filling in the Standard's corresponding box.
M-Standard Plan Number Standard Plan Name (and number of sheets if 2 or more) and description.
Application of Standard Plans Instructions for the use of the M&S Standard Plans.
Table of Contents M&S Standards - Table of Contents
M-100-1 Standard Symbols (3 Sheets) - Symbols, line types, and patterns for plan sheets.
M-100-2 Acronyms and Abbreviations (4 sheets) - Acronyms and abbreviations that may be used in plan sheets.
M-203-1 Approach Roads - Approach road and median cross over geometry.
M-203-2 Ditch Types - Plan view, concrete-lined and grass-lined sections, cut and embankment sections.
M-203-11 Superelevation Crowned and Divided Highways (3 Sheets) - Superelevation rates and runout.
M-203-12 Superelevation Streets (2 Sheets) - Superelevation rates and runout diagrams.
M-206-1 Excavation and Backfill for Structures (2 Sheets) - Excavation, backfill, embankment, bedding.
M-206-2 Excavation and Backfill for Bridges (2 Sheets) - Structure excavation and structure backfill.
M-208-1 Temporary Erosion Control (11 Sheets) - Typical applications for erosion control features. (Issued on May 16, 2024)
M-210-1 Mailbox Supports (2 Sheets) - Details for several different installations, mailbox turnouts.
M-214-1 Nursery Stock Details - Details for planting trees and shrubbery.
M-216-1 Soil Retention Covering (2 Sheets) - Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) Slope Application used in steeper slopes, adverse soil, and higher hydraulic stress applications.
M-412-1 Concrete Pavement Joints (9 Sheets) - Joint and dowel bar placement for concrete roadways. (Issued on January 31, 2022)
M-412-2 Concrete Pavement Crack Repair (6 sheets) - Details of cross stitching, slot, and dowel retrofit. (Issued on September 6, 2022)
M-510-1 Structural Plate Pipe H-20 Loading - Structural plate pipe H-20 loading tables.
M-601-1 Single Concrete Box Culvert (CIP) (2 Sheets) - Single cell concrete box culvert details and tables.
M-601-2 Double Concrete Box Culvert (CIP) (2 Sheets) - Double cell concrete box culvert details and tables.
M-601-3 Triple Concrete Box Culvert (CIP) (2 Sheets) - Triple cell concrete box culvert details and tables.
M-601-10 Headwall for Pipes - Headwall quantity tables including connection to wingwalls.
M-601-11 Type "S" Saddle Headwalls for Pipe - Headwall quantity tables.
M-601-12 Headwalls and Pipe Outlet Paving - Headwall tables, and outlet paving for pipes 48" dia. or less.
M-601-20 Wingwalls for Pipe or Box Culverts - Tables for quantities, connections, toe wall, and apron.
M-603-1 Metal Pipe (4 Sheets) - Tables for metal pipes, including cover limits and bedding.
M-603-2 Reinforced Concrete Pipe - Tables for RCP including cover limits, and bedding requirements.
M-603-3 Precast Concrete Box Culvert - Installation of Precast CBCs, bedding, and joint requirements. (Issued on September 10, 2020)
M-603-4 Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe (AASHTO M294) and Corrugated Polypropylene Pipe (AASHTO M330) (2 sheets) - Installation and cover height for corrugated polyethylene pipes. (Issued on March 7, 2022)
M-603-5 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe (AASHTO M304) - Installation and cover height for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes.
M-603-6 Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Ribbed Pipe (AASHTO MP 20) - Details for the installation of Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Ribbed Pipe (AASHTO MP 20).
M-603-10 Concrete and Metal End Sections (2 Sheets) - Tables for common pipe end sections.

Traversable End Sections and Safety Grates - Traversable end sections and grates for metal and concrete drainage pipes.

M-604-10 Inlet, Type C - Inlet details for pipe 30 inches or less inside diameter.
M-604-11 Inlet, Type D - Inlet details for pipe 42 inches or less inside diameter.
M-604-12 Curb Inlet Type R (2 Sheets) - Inlet details with quantity tables and rebar bending diagrams.
M-604-13 Concrete Inlet Type 13 - Drop inlet for gutter pans.
M-604-20 Manholes (3 Sheets) - Cast-in-place, pre-cast, and T-base manhole details.
M-604-25 Vane Grate Inlet (5 Sheets) - Rebar details and quantity tables for 36 inch and 72 inch inlets. (Issued on February 3, 2023)
M-605-1 Subsurface Drains - Details of different applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CDOT Guardrails, Crash Cushions, and End Treatments

M-606-1 Midwest Guardrail System (MGS) Type 3 W-Beam 31 Inches (19 Sheets) - Placement, installation, materials and specifications. (Issued on March 5, 2020)


Only use this standard for maintenance and repair work. 

Guardrail Type 7 F-Shape Barrier (4 Sheets) - Details for F-shape concrete barrier.
M-606-14 Precast Type 7 Concrete Barrier (4 Sheets) - Details of rebar, and pin and loop connection. (Issued on February 9, 2023)
M-606-15 M-606-15 Guardrail Type 9 Single Slope Barrier (11 Sheets) - Concrete barrier with single slope sides. (Issued on February 17, 2023)
M-607-1 Wire Fences and Gates (3 Sheets) - Barbed or combination wire fence, wood or metal posts.
M-607-2 Chain Link Fence (3 Sheets) - Fence and gate details with material and hardware details.
M-607-3 Barrier Fence - Barrier fence with steel post details.
M-607-4 Deer Fence, Gates, and Ramps (7 Sheets) - Game fence, Gate, and Ramp details. (Issued on July 13, 2020)
M-607-10 Picket Snow Fence - Picket snow fence with steel post details.
M-607-15 Road Closure Gate (9 Sheets) - Hardware specifics and placement of gates on highways.
M-608-1 Curb Ramps (10 Sheets) - Plan, elevation, and section views. Details for detectable warnings.
Additional information related to M-608-1, Curb Ramps CDOT ADA Program Documents and Resources
M-609-1 Curbs, Gutters, and Sidewalks (4 Sheets) - Details for expansion joints and driveway entrances.
M-611-1 Cattle Guard (2 Sheets) - Cattle guard with steel and timber wing details.
M-611-2 Deer Guard (2 Sheets) - Deer guard with timber and steel wing details.


On July 2019, this M-Standard was superseded for use by the 2019 S-Standards S-613-1 and S-613-2.

Roadway Lighting - Details of light standards, foundation, wiring, control cabinets.
M-614-1 Rumble Strips (3 Sheets) - Temporary and permanent use for shoulders, lanes, and centerlines.
M-614-2 Sand Barrel Arrays (2 Sheets) - Layouts for design speeds to 75 mph including weights.
M-615-1 Embankment Protector Type 3 - Slope run-down using flexible pipe and paved apron.
M-615-2 Embankment Protector Type 5 - Slope run-down using slope paving and paved apron.
M-616-1 Inverted Siphon - Concrete siphon pipe with trash guard, valve box, and drain details.
M-620-1 Field Laboratory Class 1 - 8' x 26' Field Laboratory.
M-620-2 Field Laboratory Class 2 (2 Sheets) - 12' x 28' Field Laboratory.
M-620-11 Field Office Class 1 - 8' x 26' Field Office.
M-620-12 Field Office Class 2 - 12' x 50' Field Office.
M-629-1 Survey Monuments (2 Sheets) - Monument application table and monument cap details.

Other Relevant Plans

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